Hotel Booking Procedures for ECNL Lakewood Ranch Girls 2021 Playoffs

ECNL Lakewood Ranch Girls 2021 Playoffs will be played from Thursday, July 1st until Thursday, July 8th in 2021 at the Premier Sports Campus At Lakewood Ranch in Lakewood, Florida

Hello ECNL Travel Coordinators, Thank you for your patience with the ECNL Girls Playoff Hotels. To speed up the Hotel Selection Process, you are going to be allowed to look at any partnered hotel on the Maverick travel site and reserve your own rooms with them. We have over 40 hotels to select from and some additional hotels will be added. We are taking this approach to allow you and your parents to get their rooms asap. We are going to remove the Lottery System and allow clubs to call the hotels themselves. By doing this, we feel it will allow for the remaining clubs to secure their hotels asap. Please follow the procedures below: Select the hotel you are interested in To secure rooms at a hotel, select the hotel and then Select "Reserve Team Block" The Sales Manager's contact info will be there to call or email Mention "ECNL" when reaching out to the hotel contact Teams are only required to have 5 rooms per team in a Partnered Hotel Once you have secured rooms at a hotel please fill out the bullet points below so we know what partnered hotel you are at by Tuesday, June 15th Name of Hotel - # of rooms per night - Arrival Date - Departure Date - Club Name - We are doing this to allow you to find a hotel ASAP because we know that is what your families are asking. By requiring a 5 room minimum per team will allow some of the parents that want their own rooms to do so at another hotel of their choice. Thank you for your patience and please let us know by Tuesday, June 15th what partnered hotel you selected using the bullet points above. Please reach out to or with any questions or help.